Give Your Pet A Luxury Kennel They’ll Love

Providing shelter on sunny days and offering warmth and comfort on cold days, a kennel is perfect for you if you see your pet dog as a part of your family but need reprieve inside the house from time to time. At Weatherley Fencing Contractors Ltd we can provide your pet with a roof over their heads and a place in the garden they can call their own. With a huge variety of styles, finishes and sizes, no matter the size or breed of dog from Poodles to Great Danes, we’re sure that you’ll find a kennel that’s the perfect fit.

Castle Dog Kennel & Run
8 x 4
10 x 4
10 x 6
Inclusive of VAT
  • Addition of enclosed but spacious runs to allow room for exercise
  • Small and large kennels available, suitable for one or more dogs
  • Offers shelter from the weather and offers a place to rest
3 x 2
4 x 3
Inclusive of VAT